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Elizabeth Cole Clark
Residing In: Warren, OH USA

Elizabeth Cole-Clark
Retirement doesn’t stop her from being involved

March 16, 2011

WARREN - On any given day Elizabeth "Liz" Cole-Clark attends more meetings and events than some people do in a week - even a month.

Recently the Warren woman, a retired school teacher, started her day early at a Trumbull 100 meeting. By lunch she had attended another event and was planning her next stop.

"There are days I go and go and go," she said. "Actually, that's most days. I always have someplace to be, something to do."

From early in her career Cole-Clark has made it a lifestyle to join in, to participate, to encourage and to lead. For many years she taught history for Howland School District. She continues educating the public by lecturing on various subjects at schools and community events.

"I've been teaching all of my life," she said. "It's what I do and a big part of who I am."

This past year, Cole-Clark drafted and received a grant from the Raymond Wean Foundation to, among other goals, teach area fourth- and fifth-graders Warren history. She started a docent training program for the Henry Bishop Perkins Mansion in Warren, which now serves as City Hall. She schedules various events including the Victorian Walk along Millionaire's Row and Storytime with Mrs. Claus at the Upton House. Through her active membership in the Upton Association she promoted the importance of Harriet Taylor Upton in the fight for women's rights, leading to the establishment of the "Women's Park" on Mahoning Avenue.

Ginnie Baran, a good friend and co-volunteer, said Cole-Clark has spent countless hours stuffing envelopes, folding brochures, greeting people, handing out programs, selecting speakers for events and planning activities.

"The thing about Liz is that she never stops," commented Baran, Trumbull Town Hall chairperson. "I've known her for years and she's a remarkable woman. She's committed to the community and encourages others to also become involved. I've said it before and I'll continue saying it: She really is like the Energizer Bunny. She never stops."

Clark has been honored by Ohio Magazine and won the Valley Legacy Award. She travels to Hillsboro College in Michigan to attend seminars on history. She also attends Christ Episcopal Church, where she has taught Sunday school and taken youth on domestic mission trips. She said her immediate goal is to encourage people to get involved their communities.

"You can try, but you can't do it all yourself," she said. "I should know that. It's important to encourage others to get involved, especially retired people. We all need to be involved, to have something we care about, a cause. It keeps you going. It keeps you thinking and living. Giving of yourself and your time is a very gratifying thing to do."

Clark said she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. She said like everyone, she has had her ups and downs, her trials and tribulations.

"No matter what happens in life you have to keep going," she said. "You have to keep moving. You have to keep living. If your mind stops, you stop. You have to keep your brain alive so it keeps you alive.